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A Looming Recession: B. Riley Wealth Management’s Paul Dietrich Warns of an Inevitable Economic Slowdown in the US

BySamantha Nguyen

May 15, 2024
Unprecedented Signs Emerge as Stimulus Fades

As the chief investment strategist at B. Riley Wealth Management, Paul Dietrich has been warning for months that the US economy is heading towards a recession. He believes that the massive amounts of stimulus spending during the pandemic have postponed the inevitable recession, but once this support stops, the impact on the economy and stock market could be severe.

Dietrich sees a resemblance between the current situation and the Dot-com bubble of 2001-2002. He is pessimistic about the future and warns that a recession could have a brutal effect on jobs, the economy, and global stock markets. Despite calls for a short-lived recession, Dietrich remains one of the most bearish forecasters this year.

One of his concerns is higher-than-expected inflation, which has caused increased market volatility. Stocks and bonds have seen minimal gains while commodities like oil and gold have risen. Consumer confidence is down, job growth has slowed, and Treasury yields are at their highest level in years. These signs suggest that something may be wrong with the economy, and Dietrich believes that it will only get worse if no action is taken to address them.

By Samantha Nguyen

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