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A Tale of the Bubble: Latest NCAA Bracketology Update and Upcoming “Bubble Games” to Determine Postseason Eligibility


Feb 13, 2024
Arizona Claims No. 1 Seed in Men’s Tournament

As regular college basketball fans know, the key to winning games played in the opposing team’s home arena is a defining factor that separates good teams from great ones. The latest bracketology update has Arizona replacing Tennessee as the projected No. 1 seed after completing a weekend road sweep against Colorado and an overtime win at Utah. This victory cooled off a hot Tennessee team, resulting in their brief stay as the top-seeded team on the top line coming to an end. The other three regional header teams, Connecticut, Purdue, and Houston, remain unchanged in their positions.

In addition to these changes, Clemson and Virginia have been trending upwards, while Wisconsin and Kentucky are moving in the opposite direction. There is also a possibility of a six-bid Mountain West Conference.

Two of the moving teams within the projected “last four in” slots are Mississippi and Utah, while Nebraska and Nevada occupy the other two spots. The “first four out” includes Gonzaga, Cincinnati, Villanova, and Wake Forest. Meanwhile, Colorado, Seton Hall, St. John’s, and Providence are among those listed as “next four out.”

The NCAA tournament will feature several “bubble games” over the next week to determine which teams will qualify for postseason play. Coming up on February 14th are Marquette at Butler and Iowa State at Cincinnati; on February 15th we have St. John’s at Providence followed by LSU at Florida and Mississippi at Kentucky; New Mexico at Nevada will play on February 21st; Xavier at Seton Hall will be held on February 28th; Northwestern at Rutgers will occur on March 3rd; Colorado at UCLA takes place on March 6th; California at Washington State happens on March 9th; finally, Utah at Southern California will be played on March 12th. All times mentioned in this article are Eastern Time only.

Overall, college basketball has multiple “multi-bid leagues,” including Big 12

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