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Actor Revives Ancient Trade by Constructing Boats in Dubrovnik


Nov 21, 2023

Igor Hajdarhodžić is a multifaceted artist who has dedicated his life to exploring various forms of artistic expression. As a musician, actor, performer, sculptor, caulker, merchant, designer, pedagogue, word juggler, and painter – he is best known as an actor to the general public. However, lately, he has been putting more emphasis on other forms of art such as painting and music.

In his workshop in Dubrovnik, Igor lists his many hobbies that range from drawing and painting to music and even making huge iron structures. He explains that he devotes his time to all of his interests and allows his day to flow freely as he moves between them.

Despite spending 26 years of his life in the theater, Igor has moved away from acting. He recounts his beginnings as an actor and reminisces about his time in theater. He feels that the current theater scene does not offer satisfying answers to serious questions. His time in the theater directed him towards the life path he continues to follow today.

Igor’s interests and skills in various fields have allowed him to pursue his hobbies such as painting and working with his hands. He sees it as a fulfilling path that he will continue to explore in the future. His work in art also serves as a way for him to express his concerns about society and the exodus of people from Dubrovnik. He is optimistic about the future despite some dissatisfaction with state intervention in shipbuilding and lack of cultural appreciation for national heritage.

Children often inspire him, and he believes they have learned just as much from him as he has from them. He sees potential in caulking and believes children’s interests in working with their hands will ensure its future. In his workshop next to Sponza Palace

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