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Alumna and social media influencer brings awareness and educates on meals science via her platform


Mar 30, 2023

Brittany Towers Lewis has been generating waves in the meals business for a decade as a meals scientist. Credit: The Ohio State University

Ohio State alumna Brittany Towers Lewis is searching to make meals science additional digestible via social media.

Lewis has been a meals scientist for ten years, and now, she’s employing her understanding to develop brief videos explaining numerous meals science ideas and answering widespread queries about meals. Lewis has amassed more than 84,000 followers on TikTok, and 133,000 on Instagram.

“I have normally loved meals,” Lewis mentioned. “I didn’t know that meals science was a big or profession. I didn’t know it was one thing you could do for the reason that if I did, I most likely would have began it when I got to Ohio State.”

Lewis received her bachelor’s and master’s in meals science from Ohio State in 2011 and 2013, respectively, according to her Linkedin web page. Just after graduating, she started operating as a item developer from PepsiCo on brand goods, like Gatorade. She mentioned she now operates for the well being and wellness brand Very important Protein, which gives goods for complete-physique wellness, like collagen supplements.

“I have spent my complete profession in item improvement,” Lewis mentioned. “I consider it is just relating it to one thing like meals that aids me realize it far better.”

Lewis mentioned she began TikTok and Instagram pages in 2021 to share her knowledge with a broader audience. She noticed individuals have been placing a lot of trust in science in the course of the pandemic.

“I attempt to do it in a digestible way with science,” Lewis mentioned. “It’s a brief, swift way of obtaining data out there that matters to individuals no matter if you have a science background or not.”

By means of her social media presence, Lewis mentioned she hopes to encourage additional underprivileged communities to pursue careers in STEM. She mentioned individuals mistakenly think they are not excellent at science, but can succeed by obtaining their niche.

“I studied science in college, and often individuals use acronyms that lots of may not know,” Lewis mentioned. “This tends to make individuals shy away from science.”

Kyle Kent, an Ohio State alum and former professor in meals science and technologies, mentioned meals science is a broad discipline that encompasses a variety of goods — like candy and ice cream. When some could not necessarily associate these goods with wellness, he mentioned nutrition and ingredient considerations are normally at the forefront of the field.

“Within meals science, there is consideration of the nutrition of all the components we’re employing and how they come with each other,” Kent mentioned. “And what it signifies for the label, and then also for any claims that may be capable to be produced about the item.”

Kent encourages these interested in meals science to discover the big, which he describes as one particular of the “coolest science majors out there.”

Lewis mentioned she volunteered for organizations that market STEM careers to these who could have but to have the chance to find out about them — such as Large Brothers Large Sisters, Creating Bridges, STEAM Urban and the Museum of Science and Business in Chicago. Lewis mentioned her future targets consist of increasing her social media presence and advertising representation in science fields, specifically for females and individuals of colour.

“I am not a individual that puts content material out there just for the sake of placing it out there,” Lewis mentioned. “What is significant to me is placing one thing out there that individuals will be interested in and find out from and bring awareness to individuals.”

Lewis mentioned she teaches fitness alongside generating content material for her on-line audience.

“I would like to develop my social media additional. That is one thing that I am normally searching to do,” Lewis mentioned. “Fitness is a passion of mine, and I definitely like teaching and seeing clientele and myself get stronger each day.”

Luis Rodriguez-Saona, professor of meals science and technologies, mentioned Lewis was a standout student, and he has been following her good results because she has taken his class. He mentioned Lewis was particularly fascinated with snacks, an necessary business in Ohio.

“We see how the students develop, but then they fly and go their methods,” Rodriguez-Saona mentioned. “They obtain their way into the business. She has been remarkable. She has been a leader in the business.”

With the escalating demand for healthier meals selections, the Meals Science and Technologies system at Ohio State is taking the lead in enhancing the nutritional worth of its meals, Rodriguez-Saona mentioned.

“We have faculty right here that are going to be operating on distinctive technologies that will enhance the healthful nutrients in our meals,” Rodriguez-Saona mentioned.

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