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Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’: A High-Tech Disaster: The Risks and Reality of Self-Checkout Systems

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Amazon abandons ‘Just Walk Out’ technology due to ongoing technical challenges

In recent news, Amazon has decided to discontinue its “Just Walk Out” technology in its Fresh grocery stores across the United States. The high-tech self-checkout system, which utilizes cameras, sensors, and human monitoring to allow customers to shop without interacting with a cashier, was intended to revolutionize the shopping experience. However, despite its advanced nature, the system still required significant human involvement and faced legal challenges related to biometric data collection.

The Just Walk Out system relied on a network of cameras and sensors to track customers throughout the store, monitoring their purchases and allowing them to simply grab items and go without stopping at a check-out counter. However, reports indicated that over 1,000 people in India were tasked with scanning camera feeds to ensure that customers were accurately checking out. This human involvement made the system expensive and prone to errors.

Moreover, the legal implications of the technology also presented challenges for Amazon. A class action suit in New York accused the company of collecting biometric identifier information without proper disclosure to consumers. This violation of the state’s Biometric Identifier Information Law necessitated a reevaluation of the technology and its implementation in stores.

Ultimately, Amazon has decided to remove the Just Walk Out technology from its Fresh grocery stores entirely. The decision comes as a result of the various issues and challenges that the technology faced during its implementation. It indicates that a more traditional approach to checkout may be necessary for the time being as Amazon continues to evaluate new technologies that can improve the shopping experience for its customers while addressing concerns around privacy and security.

By Samantha Nguyen

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