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Analysts Take Notice as Micron Technologies (NASDAQ:MU) Records Development


Sep 18, 2023
Analysts Take Notice as Micron Technologies (NASDAQ:MU) Records Development

More than the previous couple of years, chip stocks like Micron Technologies have skilled a wide variety of marketplace circumstances. From shortages to recoveries, demand explosions, and destruction, the chipmaker business has observed it all. Nevertheless, Micron has lately received an upgrade from Deutsche Bank analysts, which has helped the enterprise obtain ground and enhance its fundamentals.

Deutsche Bank analyst Sidney Ho’s upgrade suggests that chipmakers are after once more experiencing a turnaround. The rising quantity of use circumstances, specifically in artificial intelligence applications, has contributed to the increasing chip demand. This not only incorporates memory with higher bandwidth but also DDR5 systems. Ho predicts that the sustainable cost increases observed so far are probably to choose up even much more in the subsequent two quarters.

Micron is taking benefit of these constructive marketplace circumstances and is focused on expanding its operations. The enterprise is rising its building efforts in India, thanks to government incentives, and plans to construct at least one particular new factory. This move has also encouraged other chipmakers to boost their presence in India. Moreover, Micron is also expanding its chip efforts in the United States, with plans to open a plant in New York in the coming years. This expansion will be supported by revolutionary technologies such as EUV wafer-printing systems.

Analysts have taken notice of Micron’s constructive developments. The stock is deemed a Moderate Purchase, with 19 Purchase ratings, six Holds, and one particular Sell. Moreover, the typical cost target suggests an eight% upside possible for investors.

In summary, Micron Technologies has skilled a turnaround thanks to an upgrade from Deutsche Bank analysts. The rising chip demand and the company’s expansion efforts in India and the United States have contributed to its constructive marketplace position. Analysts have taken notice and look at Micron Technologies stock a superior investment chance.

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