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Attitudes about mental wellness have shifted at Commanders Park


May 25, 2023

Thousands of miles and an ocean away, Commanders’ defensive finish Efe Obada was internalizing equivalent beliefs. He navigated so several challenges as an immigrant, getting homeless then in foster care and facing gang culture. To get via it all, he “would suppress and compartmentalize.” That coping mechanism at some point took its toll, riddling him with anxiousness, depression, evening terrors and PTSD.

Dysfunctional solutions of dealing with tension and tough circumstances get exposed when players attain the highest level of the sport. On the NFL stage, there are larger stakes and far more eyes.

“I really feel like as football players a lot of pressures and stresses pile up on us, and then we locate ourselves in dark areas sadly,” stated wide receiver Terry McLaurin. “We locate ourselves stressed out and not getting in a position to cope and overcome these challenges mainly because they’ve been festering and developing up for so extended.”

In the contemporary game, it is critical to note, the pressures these athletes face have been compounded by new technologies and social media.

“I believe it really is critical for guys to get factors off their chest, particularly now when so a great deal is anticipated of them and there is so a great deal out there as far as social media that can get to individuals,” noted head coach Ron Rivera.

These situations have possibly made a scenario exactly where a shift in the mental wellness discussion is not a luxury it is a necessity. And players have began to recognize that in the final year, McLaurin, for instance, has been going to therapy. The journey, which he began “not recognizing what to anticipate,” has been transformative for him.

“Therapy has taught me how to be vulnerable, to trust the individuals about me, to understand how to be a wonderful pal, to be compassionate, to be in a position to validate someone’s feelings, to be in a position to deal with and approach conflict, to express my feelings,” McLaurin stated. “It is taught me how to overcome the challenges we’re all gonna face in life.”

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