• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Bears Beware: Lions Mount a Surprise Attack to Claim Victory


Nov 20, 2023

In Detroit, the Lions hoped to prove their worth as one of the NFL’s top teams. The game was not pretty, but it was a test for a top team to find a way to win. At first, the Bears dominated the game, with Justin Fields effectively moving the ball and Jared Goff being shut down by the Bears’ defense. However, in the final minutes, the Lions pulled off a stunning 31-26 victory after the Bears had a 26-14 lead late in the fourth quarter.

Fields had an impressive performance, surpassing 100 rushing yards and passing effectively. His injury absence for the past month may have helped him feel more confident in his abilities on offense. Unfortunately, he finished the game on a sour note when he was sacked and fumbled out of bounds at the back of an end zone.

Goff had one of his worst games of his career for most of the day, throwing three interceptions. However, he led his team back from a deficit in crunch time.

The Bears’ disappointing loss hurts them as they struggle through their 3-8 season. On the other hand, at 8-2,

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