• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Bears Fall to Lions in Record-Setting Week 11 Loss on NBC Sports Chicago


Nov 20, 2023

In sports media, we often use hyperbolic language to describe the excitement of the game. However, sometimes these terms lose their meaning when used excessively. But there are certain moments in sports that truly warrant attention and awe, like what happened with the Bears on Sunday.

The Bears lost to the Lions in historic fashion, as they did something no other NFL team has ever done before. The team had a plus 3 turnover margin and 40 minutes of possession, yet still lost in regulation time. ESPN 1000’s Doug Colletti reported that prior to this game, teams were 48-0 when both conditions were met.

Despite their best efforts for three and a half quarters, the Bears lost another disappointing game to the Lions in the final four minutes. It was an impressive performance from Justin Fields who made huge plays with his arm and legs on offense. But it wasn’t enough to overcome the ultimate collapse of this epic battle between two great teams in the NFC North division race.

So what went wrong? Was conservative playcalling a factor? Or was it due to poor defense or missed opportunities on offense? These are questions that will be debated all week long by fans and experts alike. Whatever the reason for their numerous disappointing losses, it’s clear that if they want to win quality games without playing perfectly, they need to make some changes and learn how to execute better on both sides of the ball.

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