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Black Mirror’s White Christmas Explores the Catch 22 of Technologies


May 25, 2023

With Black Mirror Season six about the corner, fans are rolling by means of the archives to reconnect with the dystopian sci-fi anthology. Creator Charlie Brooker has carried out a fabulous job of spreading the wings of the show, shifting from just a British gaze to anything much more international.

Nonetheless, he’s under no circumstances sacrificed Black Mirror‘s most important message, reiterating that technologies has had a dramatic effect on humanity. For much better and worse. And no episode dissects this duality much more than the “White Christmas” unique from 2014, which completely illustrated the Catch-22 at play.


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Black Mirror’s White Christmas Spotlighted How Divisive Tech Is

In “White Christmas,” tech was employed in a harrowing manner, firstly forging a technique of digital enslavement. It came with Jon Hamm’s Matt who worked with a device known as the Cookie. This egg stored copies of people’s minds, which Matt would then torture by providing them a “human kind” inside a digital construct. He’d speed up their time there: seconds in the true globe, even though months and years elapsed in the matrix.

This permitted individuals like Greta to have her copy, Greta-Cookie, mentally break till they are forced to turn out to be subservient. The copies became private assistants, operating in clever residences to minimize the possibility of error. Following all, they knew the topic most effective, so it was much better than employing random AIs from organizations with a skewed view of capitalism and exploitation. Nonetheless, it was sick and twisted, created even worse by Matt and Greta turning a blind eye to the unethical, immoral practices.

Having said that, immediately after going to jail for recording his time as a dating coach, Matt did redeem himself. He uploaded his personal thoughts into Joe’s Cookie, tricking Joe into considering they had been prisoners. Matt feigned solidarity with his personal sob story and extracted a confession about Joe killing his ex’s dad. This was quite brilliant sci-fi/cop stuff, reiterating how tech genuinely is a double-edged sword.

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Black Mirror’s White Christmas Has the Show’s Most effective Method

Black Mirror's White Christmas has Greta eating while her digital self is tortured

Such a path most effective represents the ethos of the show. The exact same tech that creates slaves was employed to shape a much better legal technique devoid of police brutality and violent interrogation. It really is a lot much more palpable for the audience, as the narrative does not vilify any 1 side. Simply because at the finish of the day, these tools are meant to make life less difficult.

And individuals would be lying or hypocrites if they stated they did not appreciate that comfort — 1 of Black Mirror‘s focal points. Greta, for instance, is pleased life is much more effective with a person she trusts. It reduces the notion of invasiveness with a strange presence. Having said that, it really is nevertheless disturbing and abusive to her cloned thoughts. As for Matt, extracting information like this also provides him access to other items that could influence the case and judgments. That is simply because it really is nevertheless a shady duplicity as he goes undercover, preying on feelings and other memories not related with the crime of passion. But once again, Joe has to be brought to justice as his actions on top of that triggered the death of a youngster.

Therefore, Black Mirror has individuals bending their moral compasses simply because Joe, even though evoking sympathy as he repents, is certainly a villain. It nods to Mia from “Crocodile” or Liam from “The Whole History of You,” exactly where viewers cannot really feel sorry for fiends who reduce likable figures on the outdoors. Eventually, it really is a believed-provoking strategy, created even much more intriguing by Matt becoming freed but nevertheless obtaining limitations on social interactions as he cannot see or hear specific individuals. It completely sums up that tech can punish as a lot as it really is meant to save, all based on alternatives and how the public appropriates these tools.

Black Mirror Season six premieres in June 2023 on Netflix.

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