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Boeing Leadership Changes Amid Growing Safety Concerns and Investigation

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 26, 2024
Boeing CEO Resigns Amid Crisis In Aircraft Manufacturer

Boeing has announced major changes in its leadership, with CEO Dave Calhoun and chairman Larry Kellner both stepping down. Steve Mollenkopf has been appointed as the new chairman, while Stan Deal, the CEO of the Commercial Airplanes business unit, will also retire.

Calhoun had been serving as CEO since 2020 but resigned due to a decision made by himself. The reason for his departure was not specified in a press release from the company. However, it is known that Boeing has been facing increased scrutiny due to safety issues with its aircraft in recent months.

Numerous incidents involving Boeing planes have raised concerns, including a criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice following a Wall Street Journal report. These incidents include planes experiencing malfunctions mid-flight, such as the loss of a part of the wall of a Boeing 737 Max model. Additionally, there have been instances of landing gear problems and runway incidents involving Boeing aircraft.

Despite these challenges, Boeing continues to prioritize safety concerns and work towards improving the reliability and performance of its aircraft. The company’s statement emphasizes their commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring that passengers are safe during travel on their planes.

By Samantha Nguyen

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