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Bold Daylight Theft: Huntsville Police Seek Assistance in Tracking Down Suspect


Feb 13, 2024
Storage unit robbed by man who stole go-kart, say business owners

The Huntsville Police Department is requesting assistance in gathering additional information on a man who has been accused of stealing valuable toys from a storage facility in South Huntsville. According to business owners, the man was caught on camera breaking into storage units at Firehouse Antiques and Parkway Mini Storage two weeks ago.

When confronted by employees, the man fled the scene with a stolen go-kart and an electric bicycle attached to the back of his car. Business owner Jeanette Ware was shocked by the brazen theft, which took place in broad daylight. Despite this, Ware and the other owners were able to capture photos of the man and his license plate as he drove away.

Reports have been filed with the police, and the business owners are warning potential thieves that they have extensive security measures in place to prevent further incidents. The Huntsville Police Department has not released any new information about the case but is asking for tips from the community on the whereabouts of the suspect.

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