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Breaking the Barriers: The Launch of a New Series to Foster Open Conversations in Science Culture


Feb 13, 2024
Get involved in discussing science culture

On 14 February, we will launch a new series called “Taboos and tricky topics” to engage in challenging conversations about science culture. We are excited to have representatives from the chemistry community joining us for this series, and we encourage everyone to participate and share their thoughts.

This series is a follow-up to our Vision for a great science culture launched last year. In that vision, we outlined the values, behaviors, and expectations of a positive science community. While creating such a community may present challenges, it will ultimately benefit everyone involved.

The goal of this series is to address some of the tensions within science culture. For example, many scientists struggle with the balance between advancing their research career and dedicating time to improving aspects of science culture. By providing a platform for individuals at different career stages and backgrounds to share their perspectives, we hope to shed light on these issues.

In addition to hearing from experts, we welcome your input through our questions and comments board. You can submit your questions anonymously at any time leading up to the event or during the live broadcast at 4pm UK time on 14 February on our YouTube channel or LinkedIn page.

For more information about this exciting new series, please visit our website today!

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