• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Bringing Sensation Back: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Prosthetic Technology Restores Human-Like Sensations in Amputees


Feb 13, 2024
Amputee with prosthetic hand experiences breakthrough in sensory ability: able to sense temperature

Researchers at the Technical University of Lausanne and Scola Supérieure have made a breakthrough in prosthetic technology by developing a thermal sensing system that can restore the full range of sensations in amputees. This new technology allows users to experience temperature sensations during tasks, giving them a more human-like experience.

In a successful trial, the thermal sensing system allowed participants to distinguish between bottles of water at different temperatures, as well as improve their ability to differentiate between human and prosthetic arms. Further research is being conducted to combine this technology with other sensations such as touch and proprioception.

The researchers believe that their work will have a significant impact on the commercial prosthetic industry in the near future. Their findings have been published in an article outlining the potential of this innovative technology. Although their work is not yet complete, they are optimistic about its potential to improve the lives of amputees and enhance their overall experience with prosthetics.

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