• Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Cache County Executive David Zook: Advocating for Elected Officials, Local Economy, and Transportation Infrastructure


Feb 13, 2024
Zook Study Demonstrates Agriculture’s Continued Importance in Local Economy – Cache Valley Daily

Cache County Executive David Zook recently appeared on KVNU’s For the People program to discuss his experiences with local lawmakers and their accessibility. He praised elected officials for their openness and responsiveness to the people, noting that this is a hallmark of Utah’s caucus and convention system.

Zook also discussed a recent economic study commissioned by the Cache County Water District, which found that agriculture remains a significant part of the local economy and relies heavily on water. He emphasized that this finding is not limited to Cache Valley, but applies to the Bear River region as a whole.

During this legislative session, Zook is keeping an eye on several bills that align with the county’s priorities. One such bill is Representative Dan Johnson’s proposal for a new American Welcome Center, which aims to add 5,200 square feet to the English Language Center and move CRIC (Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection) there. Another bill Johnson is working on is for Little Lambs, which seeks to secure $3 million for a new facility in the community.

In addition to these bills, Zook highlighted two transportation proposals that are high on the county’s list: funding for work on the South Valley corridor and an east-west connector between SR 89-91 and SR 165. Finally, he mentioned the West Cache corridor as another important priority for the county.

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