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Cadbury: Bournville Remains Central to Company’s 200th Anniversary Celebrations.

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
The Bournville plant continues to be the cornerstone of Cadbury’s business – owner

As part of its 200th anniversary celebrations, Mondeléz International, the parent company of chocolate giant Cadbury, has confirmed that Bournville will remain the “home and heart” of the business for years to come. The owners of Cadbury have reaffirmed their commitment to keeping Bournville as the central location and heart of their operations.

Mondeléz International sees Bournville as the “Crown Jewels” of the business, and managing director Louise Stigant expressed her privilege of being part of a company with such rich heritage. She emphasized that celebrating 200 years is a significant milestone for the brand, something that few businesses can claim.

Despite a hostile takeover by American firm Kraft in 2010, Cadbury pledged to maintain production at Bournville. After becoming part of Mondelez International in 2012, Bournville became the firm’s Global Centre of Excellence for chocolate research and development. Although there have been 200 job losses at Bournville and some production moved to Poland, Ms. Stigant highlighted that the company has invested £270m in the UK business since taking it over 14 years ago, with Bournville at the forefront of their plans.

Ms. Stigant described Bournville as a “Crown Jewel” globally, emphasizing its importance within the company. Despite challenges and changes over the years, the Bournville factory continues to hold a key position in Cadbury’s operations and future plans.

By Samantha Nguyen

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