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Can Technologies Place an Finish to Human Trafficking, Sextortion, Retail Crime, and Cybercrime?


May 30, 2023
Can Technology Put an End to Human Trafficking, Sextortion, Retail Crime, and Cybercrime?

Noel Thomas, CEO of Zero Trafficking discusses the tools and technologies necessary to defeat human trafficking, sextortion, retail crime and cybercrime at the ISCPO 2023 Conference. 

Zero Trafficking and Dark Watch are two separate initiatives aimed at combating human trafficking.

Zero Trafficking is a campaign that seeks to finish human trafficking by focusing on prevention, protection, prosecution, and partnerships. The campaign encourages men and women, organizations, and governments to take action to address the root causes of trafficking and to safeguard vulnerable populations. It also advocates for the prosecution of traffickers and the provision of assistance and solutions to survivors of trafficking.

Dark Watch, on the other hand, is a project that makes use of technologies to combat human trafficking. The project entails the use of sophisticated information analytics, machine understanding, and artificial intelligence to recognize patterns of trafficking and to track the movement of traffickers and victims. Dark Watch also offers law enforcement with the tools they will need to investigate and prosecute trafficking situations.

With each other, Zero Trafficking and Dark Watch are functioning to finish human trafficking and bring traffickers to justice. By raising awareness, giving assistance to survivors, and working with technologies to recognize and track traffickers, these initiatives are producing a distinction in the fight against a single of the most heinous crimes in the globe.

There are an estimated 27.six million existing victims worldwide getting trafficked. Human trafficking is very profitable to criminals. They have the capacity to sell a single human 20 instances per day which immediately adds up to a 150 billion-dollar crime market. 

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Report written by Kimberly Sharpe 

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