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Canada’s Defense Export Dilemma: Mixed Signals, Uncertain Future

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Canada’s new arms embargo on Israel raises immediate concerns

In the wake of Canada’s decision to halt defense exports to Israel over human rights concerns in the Gaza Strip, the domestic Defense Industries Association is expressing confusion at the mixed messages coming from the government. Now, officials from the industry are seeking clarifications from Ottawa as Israel is a significant export destination for Canadian defense products. According to government data, Israel was the second-largest export destination for Canadian defense products in 2022.

The president of the Defense Industries Association of Canada, Christine Gianferrani, emphasized the need for companies to receive clear information about changes in export policy to ensure compliance with new regulations. In 2022, Canada issued 315 export permits to Israel for defense products and technologies, totaling approximately 21 million Canadian dollars. The scope of defense exports from Canada to Israel increased significantly during the Iron Swords War, with almost 28.5 million Canadian dollars worth of exports to Israel in the first two months of the conflict.

Following Canada’s decision, other nations like Italy also announced halts to defense exports to Israel, despite close diplomatic ties. Germany, a significant defense supplier to Israel, raised concerns about the situation in Gaza but has not taken concrete actions against Israel. Israel’s defense imports are primarily from the United States, with substantial aid packages and joint development projects boosting their military capabilities.

As geopolitical tensions continue to rise around the world, questions arise about the future of defense exports and relationships between nations. While major suppliers like the USA continue to support Israel, smaller exporters like Canada are navigating complex policy changes that could have a significant impact on their industries and economies. The long-term consequences of these decisions on Israeli defense capabilities remain uncertain as global dynamics evolve.

In response to recent developments regarding its relationship with Canada and other countries that have announced halts on defense exports due to human rights violations in Palestine-occupied territories (including Gaza), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his country’s commitment towards maintaining its security and sovereignty while respecting international law.

“Israel will always act responsibly towards its citizens and neighbors alike,” he said during a press conference held earlier this week.

Netanyahu also highlighted that Israeli military operations were conducted within legal frameworks established by international law and that they were necessary for defending against threats posed by Hamas terrorists who had been launching rockets into Israeli territories.

“We will not allow any foreign nation or organization to dictate our policies or undermine our ability

By Samantha Nguyen

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