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Carmel Higher College student initiates science fair occasion


Sep 15, 2023
Carmel Higher College student initiates science fair occasion

Rebecca Lee, a Carmel Higher College student, lately organized her very first science fair with a concentrate on environmental aspects and their effect on well being. The Eco-Connections Science Fair took location on August 19 at the Carmel Clay Public Library, and students from K-12 grades participated by presenting their findings on the connections in between well being and environmental concerns.

Lee, a resident of Carmel, is identified for her passion for climate transform and has actively taken on roles such as serving on the Carmel Climate Action Advisory Committee as a representative of the Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council. In addition, she has also presented at the John Hopkins Worldwide Wellness Leaders Conference.

The occasion saw around 14 participants registering, who showcased their analysis and findings. Lee herself presented on the consequences of plastic usage and emphasized the value of recycling. She expressed her passion for raising awareness about pollutants and noted that recycling is generally underestimated and not practiced sufficient.

In the future, Lee hopes to create much more environmental awareness applications at her college and possibly organize much more science fairs. Her determination to bring consideration to environmental issues and encourage sustainable practices are admirable and hope-inspiring.

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