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CBS Colorado mother-daughter technical group present lessons for Girls & Science


Mar 23, 2023

For the duration of the month of March, CBS Colorado has shared the inspiring stories of girls functioning in STEM fields as portion of Girls &amp Science. It really is our project to introduce girls to careers in science, technologies, engineering and math.


When it comes to engineering, CBS News Colorado has a mother-daughter group. Karyn Diesburg functions in our technical operations center, and her daughter Ashley is a newscast director.

Karyn has worked at the station for a lot more than 30 years, Ashley began portion-time in 2019.

Karyn essentially began in front of the cameras when she was in higher college but her heart was in one more location as she could see into the handle area that was placing programming on air.

“I discovered myself correcting them reside on the air, searching by means of a window and telling them how to run the gear,” she recalled. “This was reside Television and that is when I decided I am significantly superior behind the scenes than I will ever be in front of that camera.”

Her passion led her to Denver exactly where she now tends to make confident our photographers and reporters in the field have the assistance they have to have to clearly report their stories, even in the most chaotic occasions, like breaking news, massive storms and election nights.

“The way I prioritize them is that everybody’s my 1st priority. I normally treat everyone like they are the only ones on the telephone.”


Karyn gets all these crews prepared and then hands them off to Ashley’s position as a newscast director.

Ashley explains she functions with a group to take the material from the technical operations center and a producer who has written and place in a vision for a newscast. She has to inform a series of cameras as nicely as media and reside sources what to do in a procedure referred to as “coding.”

But she began as a floor director, a position exactly where a individual runs teleprompter for anchors as nicely as producing confident they are clear on cameras and what is taking place subsequent.

“For the duration of the pandemic, there was an chance to find out how to direct,” Ashley stated. “It was a truly uncommon chance. I discovered how to direct and now I do the morning show.”

Even with her mother’s assistance, Ashley nevertheless faced some naysayers. “I was even told by folks I was never ever going to be a director since I began right here when I was 20. I was a floor director. I did not have expertise in Television. I took just about every single chance that was handed to me to direct which is what I truly wanted to do.”

And from that expertise, she has a firm message for girls everywhere. “Do it. If you place your thoughts to it, assume that you can achieve factors even if all the odds are against you, you nevertheless go for it.”

“Even if you never really feel like you match the mold, make your personal mold, do what ever you want.”


Just how does Karyn really feel about her daughter’s journey that essentially started on stage ahead of producing it to neighborhood tv? She knew she would be very good behind the scenes.

“I did not know this was the path she was going to take,” Karyn stated. “I never ever groomed her to grow to be this amazing director.”

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