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Celestial Mysteries: A Lunar Eclipse and the Moons of Our Solar System

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 28, 2024
Accurate Science: The Moon

On Monday, March 25th, a stunning lunar eclipse graced the skies. To capture this celestial event, our intern Alexandra and her sister Ariana ventured out with their telescope. Their photographs turned out so well that we decided to use one in the thumbnail for this content. We are thrilled to thank Ariana for her exceptional photography skills!

As we ponder the moon’s mysteries, it’s fascinating to consider how little we truly know about this enigmatic object in our sky. The moon was formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago through a collision of celestial bodies, and it is not the only moon in our solar system. To learn more about moons in our solar system, be sure to tune in for Jeff St. Clair’s upcoming feature.

To better understand the moon and its intriguing nature, here are some discussion questions to consider: What do you think the moon is made of? Have you ever seen the moon during the day? If you could travel to the moon, what would you want to bring with you?

By Samantha Nguyen

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