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Ceta Treaty Ratification Delayed in France Amid Controversy and Opposition

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Franck Riester announces that there will be no vote in the National Assembly before the European elections on Ceta.

The Ceta free trade treaty between the EU and Canada has been in provisional application since 2017. However, the draft ratification of the treaty was not transmitted to the National Assembly before the European elections due to opposition from some quarters. This decision came after the Senate rejected the ratification of the treaty on March 21, causing embarrassment for the executive in the lead-up to the elections.

After rejection by the Senate, communist deputies planned to include the text in their parliamentary time in May 30. However, it seemed like there was a delay in transmitting the bill. Minister Franck Riester stated that he would transmit it at an appropriate time but not before the European elections to allow for a peaceful debate. He emphasized that certain opposition groups should not exploit this debate for electoral gain.

Riester believes that the alliance between communist group and some LR senators was politically motivated and harmful to French businesses, farmers, and exporters. He defended Ceta agreement, highlighting its benefits for France and differentiating it from unfavorable trade agreements. If rejected by National Assembly, government faces a complex decision between informing Brussels about non-ratification or risking backlash from opposition parties.

The proposed Ceta agreement has been under scrutiny since its initial announcement, with concerns raised over its potential impact on various sectors of society such as agriculture and healthcare. In addition, there were fears that it would undermine national sovereignty and lead to job losses in certain industries.

Despite these challenges, Riester remained committed to promoting free trade as a means of boosting economic growth and creating new opportunities for businesses across Europe and North America.

As tensions continue between proponents and opponents of Ceta agreement, it remains uncertain whether it will be ratified by France’s legislative bodies anytime soon.

By Samantha Nguyen

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