• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

CME Group’s CEO Believes in the Future of Cloud Technologies


Mar 16, 2023

Terry Duffy

Moving into the cloud becomes significantly extra price-productive, according to Terry Duffy, Chairman and CEO of CME Group.

Speaking on the Episode 350 of the Inside ICE Property Podcast with Josh King, he mentioned that the greatest concern facing the globe now is cybersecurity. 

“The cloud providers, in my opinion, in all probability have a improved setup than some proprietary method as it relates to cloud safety from the hackers,” he mentioned.

“The negative guys are significantly improved than the very good guys, regrettably. And so I assume that is yet another function that will drive extra and extra men and women into this,” he added.

He thinks that ICE has a distinctive viewpoint on this when they acquired IDC for their information business enterprise and technologies desires, and they have other proprietary technologies just like CME does. 

“I appear at the price of all this stuff continues to escalate, and I’m a massive believer in the umbrella theory, which means that when it rains, you improved get a tiny bit larger umbrella simply because perhaps two of us need to have to match below it. It gets extra high-priced is my point,” Duffy mentioned.

In 2022, CME Group constructed out the cloud platform and effectively migrated some early application. 

On its Q4 2022 Earnings Contact, Duffy pointed out that 2022 was a basic year for their Google partnership.

According to Duffy, 2023 will be about accelerating our application migration, such as launching information items in the cloud.

“We have an aggressive migration program for ‘23 and appear forward to reporting our accomplishments all through the year,” he mentioned.

“When you appear at, in particular my deal with Google, when I want to bring items to marketplace, I can do it significantly more rapidly than I can in-residence, and that is the objective for the future,” Duffy commented on the Inside ICE Property Podcast. 

He added that there’s a lot of rewards that go into this. 

“They had been ready to invest in me, which they did, and I believed that showed a lot of commitment by Google to fully grasp that finance is going to be a massive portion of the cloud business enterprise,” he mentioned.

“I like exactly where it is going. At the identical time, the cause why I mentioned it is going to be more than a ten-year period simply because I do not want to push it into one thing when it is not prepared to go forward,” Duffy added. 

Duffy also mentioned that he’s quite proud of how far the business has come.

“I assume that is a very good way to say it. It is the business. It is not just CME,” he mentioned.

Duffy mentioned that the entire business was capable to develop leaps and bounds, but it is tough for men and women that can’t adapt to modify.

“I assume there’s a lot of industries that go from 1 factor to yet another and men and women just can not maintain up with the technologies or do not want to maintain up with the technologies or do not think in it, and they assume it is inferior to what technologies can supply,” he added.

Regrettably, there are men and women that get displaced along the way and you hate to see it, but the development of the business enterprise is awesome, according to Duffy.

“The day I walked in right here to do the IPO in 2002, our typical day-to-day volume was much less than a million contracts. Right now, our typical volume is more than 23 million contracts,” he mentioned.

Duffy added that the distribution of item about the globe now is so significantly higher, which tends to make the markets deeper, liquid, extra effective for men and women to execute their threat management.

“So to me, I assume the entire business should really be proud of exactly where it is come,” he stressed.