• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Colorado’s Deion Sanders Stands Firm: No Financial Incentives for Recruiting


Nov 22, 2023

In Colorado, star football players such as Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter, and Shilo Sanders have successfully capitalized on their accomplishments by creating name, image, and likeness ventures. However, coach Deion Sanders believes that money should not be the main recruiting tool. He stated during a press conference that the Colorado Buffaloes are not an ATM and players should come to the team because they genuinely want to play football and receive an education, not to get rich.

Sanders emphasized that business matters will be handled on the back end but that the main focus should be on football and education. The team’s roster-building approach is focused on addressing Colorado’s depth and line of scrimmage issues in the upcoming season, with no intention of getting into bidding wars to bring in talent. Despite the team’s struggles, the Sanders effect kept the program in the national spotlight. After the season ends, the main goal will be to focus on recruiting and acquiring players who genuinely want to be part of the Colorado Buffaloes program. The focus will be on attracting players who want to join rather than trying to convince them financially.

The Colorado Buffaloes will face off against Utah at 3 p.m. ET on Saturday afternoon in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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