• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Compete for Prizes and Contribute to Burbot Research through the Kootenai River Angler Science Program


Nov 21, 2023

Winter is a time for some to hibernate, while others see it as a chance to try their luck at catching the once rare and native burbot in the Kootenai River. If you are one of those adventurous souls who want to participate in this exciting challenge, you can help Fish and Game better understand burbot catch rates, harvest rates, and survival rates by reporting any tags you encounter. Reporting tags can be done over the phone (1-866-258-0338), online, or through the Angler Science Program creel packet. And as an added bonus, select tags carry a reward value of $100! So if you catch a tagged burbot this winter, not only will you be helping improve the fishery, but you might just have your lucky day!

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