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Consumer Organizations Raise Concerns About Temu’s Practices in Europe and China

BySamantha Nguyen

May 16, 2024
Consumer groups call on the EU to take action against Chinese Temu operations

The online store Temu has come under fire from consumer organizations in Europe and China for its questionable practices. A total of 18 European consumer organizations, including the umbrella organization BEUC, have submitted complaints to regulatory authorities and the European Commission. In Finland, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom is handling the issue.

The complaint alleges that Temu is violating EU law by using manipulative sales techniques and practices. The marketplace is also criticized for a lack of transparency regarding sellers on the platform and the products being sold. The organizations argue that Temu fails to ensure that products meet EU safety requirements and does not provide sufficient information about sellers to consumers. They also highlight concerns about the platform’s recommendation systems and the lack of transparency in how products are suggested to consumers.

According to Chinese consumer organizations, Temu is engaging in illegal practices that violate local laws. Juha Beurling-Pomoell, general secretary of Consumer Union, emphasizes the importance of disciplining these activities and ensuring compliance with European legislation. He points out that manipulative practices on the platform aim to get consumers to spend more than they intended. Additionally, closing an account on Temu is said to be unnecessarily difficult for users who want to report fraudulent activities or terminate their accounts.

It is important for Temu to address these issues immediately and hold itself accountable for its actions. Consumers need protection from harmful practices on online platforms, especially when it comes to safety concerns and misleading advertising tactics. As such, regulatory authorities must take action against companies like Temu that fail to comply with EU regulations.

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In conclusion, consumer organizations have lodged complaints against online store Temu with national supervisory authorities and the European Commission for its questionable practices

By Samantha Nguyen

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