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Could a Super Bowl-style Bundesliga Bowl 1 be the key to growing interest in German football?


Feb 12, 2024
Pre-Game Fun: Super Bowl Advertising

The Super Bowl is a must-watch event for many Americans, with football games interspersed between commercial breaks. The brilliance of the Super Bowl is that it doesn’t require any interest in sports to get excited about it, making it a marketing asset that could serve as a rough model for other popular sports in other countries.

In Germany, football is still quite staid compared to the NFL, but what would happen if the Bundesliga championship was decided in one game? Would a tighter one-game plan fall victim to the excitement? The idea of hosting a Bundesliga Bowl 1 in Wolfsburg, fresh from the desert of Lower Saxony, seems like an excellent choice. Taylor Swift could make her way from Munich to Hanover on a private jet and take the ICE via Berlin to WOB. Herbert Grönemeyer could croak the anthem before the game, although he might not be as enthusiastic about it as Howard Carpendale.

During the commercial breaks, spectators could throw yellow tennis balls onto the grass to bridge the gap between games. This idea would be even funnier than in America! The fun doesn’t stop there; funny divisional divisions and game plans for a regular season main round could make it possible for Bayer and Bayern to see each other in the final for the first time this season and for Tuchel’s tactics to fail just once. However, some may argue that we should leave football where it belongs – between commercial breaks – and enjoy other options instead. If you want to rest well before watching football games on Super Bowl night, there are plenty of options available!

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