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Could Biden overall health issues trigger Democratic doomsday situation?


Jun 3, 2023
Could Biden health concerns trigger Democratic doomsday scenario?

President Biden falls on stage for the duration of the Air Force Academy Graduation Ceremony at Falcon Stadium, Thursday in Colorado Springs, Colo. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Some falls are funny and some are alarming. The tumble by 80-year-old President Biden on the stage in Colorado falls into the alarming category.

As you have in all probability noticed, Biden tripped more than a sandbag and fell head 1st onto the stage at the Air Force Academy soon after speaking, drawing audible gasps from the audience. Seeking dazed and confused, the commander-in-chief pointed at the sandbag, as if it had jumped out in front of him.

The media coverage of the incident was practically apologetic, as if covering for the president. The media pool report described Biden as searching “spry” soon after the fall. The headline in the Reuters story was, “Biden trips and falls for the duration of graduation ceremony, recovers promptly.” White Home officials named him “totally fine.”

A quantity of media had to go back to 1975 to speak about a fall then-President Gerald Ford took, as if to somehow imply this was widespread.

But it wasn’t. If your 80-year-old father fell like that, you wouldn’t be pretty so dismissive. You’d be naturally pretty concerned about his future nicely-becoming. But rather of displaying compassion toward Biden, or any elderly man, the media was in denial.

If it was Putin or an additional planet leader who fell, the coverage would not be so dismissive. What if Trump had taken the tumble? How would the press have reported that?

Trump didn’t even fall – he just walked gradually down a ramp and was endlessly mocked for that.

The media of course went to Trump promptly soon after Biden’s fall on Thursday, no doubt hoping he would ungraciously slam his successor. But even Trump wouldn’t oblige.

The former president mentioned, “He really fell down? Nicely, I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

This was Biden’s third public fall in the final year, such as falling off a bicycle final summer time. And that does not include things like close to falls or falls we do not see. It is a pattern. Biden actuallly also bumped his head on the helicopter door soon after falling on Thursday.

You are not just seeing a man who is clumsy. And that is a challenge.

However Democratic Celebration leaders are so desperate to cling to energy, they would rather appear the other way than get Biden assist.

But they will not be capable to ignore it substantially longer, if Biden continues to fall, or shake hands with invisible folks, or babble incoherently.

Could we be seeing a doomsday situation when celebration leaders step in to choose the nominee themselves? Beneath that situation, Biden would coast via the primaries with only token opposition, but just before or just soon after he accepted the nomination would bow out, citing overall health and security issues.

Beneath celebration guidelines, the DNC leaders would then come collectively to coronate a new nominee to get him or her on the November ballot. That way, the nominee, say Hillary Clinton, would be spared the rigors of a principal approach.

Though it is by no means occurred just before with a presidential nominee, it has with a vice presidential nominee. In 1972, Democratic leaders picked Sargent Shriver as the VP nominee soon after George McGovern’s 1st decision, Sen. Thomas Eagleton, had to drop out.

Biden would be 85 if he completed a second term. It is clear the demands of the job are taking a physical and mental toll on him. He can not even full ceremonial assignments like the graduation at the Air Force Academy. And it will only get worse as Biden ages.

It is time celebration leaders and the media faced that reality, rather than ignore it.

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