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Could Chicken Soup Really Boost Your Immune System? A Look into the Latest Study


Feb 12, 2024
The healing power of chicken soup

In recent years, the health benefits of chicken soup have been widely discussed. While there is limited research on this topic, several studies have been conducted to determine its effect on the immune system. One such study was carried out in China in 2022, which tested the immune response of mice with damaged immune systems using broth from different chicken breeds.

The results showed that chicken soup had a positive impact on the immune system of these mice. Specifically, it slowed down the movement of inflammatory cells, improved the activity of the thymus gland and spleen structure, all important factors in boosting immunity.

To prepare healthy chicken soup, it’s recommended to remove any visible fat from boiled chicken before cooking. Additionally, vegetables should be added at the end of cooking and immediately covered after boiling to retain nutrients. Parsley can be added for flavor while spices can also be used to enhance taste without adding unnecessary calories or sodium levels.

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In conclusion, while more research is needed on this topic, preliminary findings suggest that chicken soup may have positive effects on the immune system when prepared correctly.

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