• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Croatia Faces Backlash from Serbian Media Following Tense Euro Placement


Nov 22, 2023

In the recent match between Croatia and Armenia, the Croats emerged as the better rival. However, it was Armenia that had the best chance to score. According to journalists from Blic.rs, who covered the game, Croatia’s victory against Armenia (1-0) was a significant milestone for Serbia as it has secured a place in the upcoming European Championship.

The headline on Informer stated that “Serb on Maksimir tormented Croatia” but lacked clarity on whether it was referring to Ognjen Čančarević or not. On the other hand, Kurir added more detail by mentioning that “Croatia at the European Championship: ‘Vatreni’ won a visa to Germany with great difficulty.”

Telegraf went one step further and praised Ognjen Čančarević as the best individual on the field. He scored a goal for Serbia and displayed exceptional goalkeeping skills throughout the match. Despite this praise, some journalists from Bosnia and Herzegovina criticized B92 for their clumsy headline “Serb on Maksimir tormented Croatia.”

Overall, it seems that while there were varying opinions about Ognjen Čančarević’s performance, everyone agreed that Croatia had earned their place in the EUROs after a hard-fought game against Armenia in front of a packed stadium at Maksimir.

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