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Customizing Your Data Collection Preferences on BBC AMP Pages: What You Need to Know


Feb 11, 2024
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When you visit AMP pages on the BBC website, you can manage your consent settings for data collection. These settings specifically apply to AMP pages only, so you may need to set your preferences again when visiting non-AMP pages.

In addition to strictly necessary data collection, there is also an option for optional data collection on AMP pages. By consenting to this, you are allowing the display of personalized ads that are relevant to you when outside of the UK. More information about personalized ads and our advertising partners can be found on our website. If you choose not to receive personalized ads, you can click “Reject data collection and continue,” although you will still see advertising that is not personalized to you.

The AMP technology used to create the lightweight mobile pages on the BBC website may store some essential information on your device without your explicit consent in order to make the web pages work. You can read more about the essential data collection on our web pages on our website.

You have the ability to change these settings at any time by clicking “Ad Choices / Do not sell my info” in the footer of the page. You can either accept or reject data collection and continue using the site according to your preferences.

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