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Dalić’s Unwavering Strength and Quiet Fortitude in the Face of Adversity


Nov 22, 2023

Zlatko Dalić, the coach of the Croatian national football team, breathed a sigh of relief after their victory over Armenia and qualifying for the fourth consecutive major competition. In an interview with Nova TV, he congratulated the players on their achievement and thanked the fans for their support. He described the match as a tough one, but said that Croatia showed character and responsibility in order to achieve their goal.

Dalić also talked about how they had to win six points in order to qualify and how they had overcome many obstacles along the way. He said that it was a great success for Croatia and that everything that came before was now behind them. He also mentioned Luka Modrić’s comments about not being satisfied with certain things in the game, but said that they would analyze these issues and work on improving.

Looking ahead to the summer, Dalić said that there were seven months of peace and selection ahead of them. They had already used October to reset themselves from their comfort zone and were now looking forward to going to Germany where tens of thousands of fans were waiting for them. Dalić praised his players for their faith, togetherness, and patriotism.

He also talked about Ante Budimir’s performance in the match and his reward for scoring the winning goal. Dalić had been looking for a player for the future, but said that Budimir had stood out above all others. He admired Budimir’s ability to endure through difficult times and not let negative comments affect him. Overall, Dalić expressed great joy at Croatia’s success and looked forward to what lay ahead for them as a team.

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