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Discover Eight Captivating Science Fiction K-dramas


May 26, 2023

K-dramas are common for their captivating storytelling, exceptional acting, and distinctive ideas. Even though romance and historical dramas have lengthy been common genres, the Korean entertainment market has also ventured into the realm of science fiction, blending the magic of K-drama storytelling with futuristic and otherworldly components.

Let’s dive into the fascinating planet of these eight Science Fiction K-dramas.

1. Signal (2016)

“Signal” is a gripping crime thriller with a touch of science fiction. The story revolves about a mysterious walkie-talkie that connects a detective from the previous to a cold case profiler in the present day. Via this supernatural device, they function collectively to resolve crimes and protect against tragedies that transcend time.

two. I Am Not A Robot (2017)

“I Am Not A Robot” is a drama that combines science fiction and romance. Due to his allergy to men and women, Min Kyu, the biggest shareholder of a finance organization, lives a lonely life. Then he meets and falls in really like with Jo Ji Ah, a lady pretending to be a robot to get dollars from her ex-boyfriend, a renowned robotics professor.

three. Are You Human Also? (2018)

“Are You Human Also?” is a sci-fi melodrama. Nam Shin, a young heir from a wealthy family members, is brutally attacked and falls into a coma. His mother, a renowned roboticist and AI specialist, creates an android version of him to safeguard his status as the heir. She also hires Kang So Bong, a former martial artist, to function as a bodyguard for the android version of Nam Shin.

four. Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

“Memories of the Alhambra” is a captivating sci-fi K-drama. Yoo Jin Woo, the CEO of an investment organization, travels to Granada, Spain, to meet the creator of an AR game, who goes missing. As an alternative, he encounters Jung Hee Joo, who runs the hostel exactly where he is staying. Collectively, they navigate amongst the AR Universe and the genuine planet.

five. Life On Mars (2018)

“Life On Mars” is primarily based on the 2006–07 British series of the similar name. Han Tae Joo, a detective major a group operating on a serial murder case. Nevertheless, for the duration of his investigation, he gets into an accident. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the winter of 1988, exactly where he is now a detective assigned to a police station in a tiny city.

six. Sisyphus: The Myth (2021)

“Sisyphus: The Myth” is an action, mystery, sci-fi drama. Han Tae Sul, a brilliant engineer and co-founder of Quantum and Time, is introduced to unsafe secrets of the planet and to a mysterious lady. The lady named Kang Search engine marketing Hae comes from the future and is seeking for Tae Sul in order to save him.

7. The Silent Sea (2021)

The sci-fi, mystery, and thriller drama “The Silent Sea” is an adaptation of the 2014 brief film “The Sea of Tranquility.” Set in the future, exactly where the Earth is facing a water and meals shortage due to desertification. To retrieve enigmatic samples from an old lunar space station, a group of space explorers embark on a thrilling mission to the moon.

eight. All of us are dead (2022)

“All of Us Are Dead” is one particular of the most common K-dramas from 2022. Hyosan Higher College becomes the epicenter of a zombie virus outbreak. The infected transform into zombies. Trapped students should fight or come to be one particular of the infected. The South Korean military is actively engaged in efforts to handle the outbreak and guard against it spreading additional.

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