• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Dotz-Nano Secures $12 Million Investment for Carbon Dioxide Capture Technology Development


Feb 13, 2024
Israeli Company Dotz Nano Raises $12M for Carbon Capture Technology

Dotz-Nano, a nanotechnology company, has recently secured a 12 million Australian dollar agreement with an American capital fund. This investment will be used for the development of carbon dioxide capture technology. The company successfully completed the fundraising round with American capital fund Mercer, Street Global Opportunity Fund. Among the major investors in Dotz-Nano is the Israeli venture capital fund SIBF.

Dotz-Nano’s advanced carbon adsorption technology utilizes plastic waste to produce a solid filter. The purpose of this filter is to capture the carbon dioxide emitted from industrial chimneys and prevent it from reaching the atmosphere. This is an important step in addressing the issue of global warming, as the increase in carbon concentration in the atmosphere is directly related to this phenomenon. Dotz-Nano’s technology has distinct advantages over competing technologies, with savings in operating costs, environmental benefits, and high selectivity in CO2 capture.

Dotz-Nano CEO Sharon Malka expressed gratitude for the support from Mercer, stating that the backing provides the company with the financial resources needed to accelerate the development of DotzEarth carbon capture technology and execute plans for growth in the near-term. This investment will allow the company to continue its efforts in developing and implementing carbon capture technology.

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