• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Emotional Unity: The Parents of a Fallen Soldier Share a Moment with the Recipient of his Transplanted Heart from Gaza


Nov 21, 2023

The Schneider Pediatric Center held an emotional meeting to thank the family of Jonathan Yitzchak Samo for their generosity in donating his organs. Dr. Lena Korn Feldman, director of Beilinson Hospital, spoke first and shared how deeply the hospital staff was touched by the situation. She expressed her heartfelt condolences to the Samo family and emphasized how much their act of kindness meant to them.

Tammy Fink, transplant coordinator at Beilinson Hospital, also spoke about her personal connection to the situation as a mother of a soldier currently inside Gaza. She spoke of the unique bond between mothers of soldiers and expressed her deep understanding of the pain and sacrifice involved.

Moshe Samo, Jonathan’s father, spoke about his son’s bravery and the impact of his organ donation on others. He highlighted how grateful he was that his son’s generosity had brought hope to others and helped save lives.

Prof. Dan Arabot and Prof. Yaron Barak, who performed the heart transplant on Tehilah Tespiya, an eight-month-old baby who received a liver lobe from Jonathan’s donation, further emphasized the significance and emotional weight of the situation. They expressed their deep connection to Jonathon and shared how grateful they were for his generous contribution.

The meeting brought together the parents of Jonathan Yitzchak Samo and Tehilah Tespiya’s family to express their gratitude for their generosity. The emotional meeting served as a powerful reminder of how organ donations can bring hope and life-saving impact to those in need during moments of profound grief and loss. The doctors at the Schneider Center expressed their deep appreciation to the Samo family for their generosity and its impact on recipients.

Overall, this meeting highlighted how important it is for families facing loss or grief to know that there are people out there willing to help them heal through acts of kindness such as organ donation. It underscores how such acts can have a profound emotional impact on both donors and recipients alike, creating a sense of hope amidst tragedy.

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