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Equipping the Future: Why Mandatory Computer Science Courses in Michigan High Schools are Necessary

BySamantha Nguyen

May 16, 2024
New Bill Proposed in Michigan House to Mandate High School Computer Science Courses

A bill introduced in the Michigan House seeks to make computer science a mandatory course in all public high schools across the state. The bill, HB 5649, was recently discussed in the House Committee on Education and is sponsored by Representative Carol Glanville (D-Walker).

The proposed measure aims to equip Michigan students with fundamental technology skills that are vital for their future careers in the tech industry. Under this bill, schools will be required to provide detailed reports on their computer science courses to the Center for Educational Performance and Information. These reports will include data points such as student demographics, grade level, special education status, and free lunch eligibility.

One of the challenges with implementing this bill is the potential cost associated with providing students with necessary technology and training teachers to teach these courses. While progress has been made in technology infrastructure during the pandemic, there is still a need for adequate resources and training for educators. Advocates like Sean Roberts from Code.org suggest that providing existing teachers with training to teach introductory computer science courses could be an effective solution to overcoming this hurdle. It’s crucial for school districts to ensure that teachers have access to support and tools they need to successfully implement these computer science classes.

The implementation of this bill could have significant benefits for students in Michigan. By teaching them essential tech skills early on, they will be better equipped to navigate their future careers in the tech industry, which is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly important in today’s digital economy. Moreover, having a strong foundation in computer science can open up many other fields of study and career paths that would otherwise be unavailable without it.

In conclusion, introducing computer science as a mandatory course in public high schools across Michigan could bring numerous benefits not only for students but also for the state’s economy as a whole. While challenges exist when it comes to implementation, advocates are working tirelessly to ensure that students receive the necessary education and resources they need to succeed in a rapidly changing world where technology plays an ever-increasing role.

By Samantha Nguyen

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