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Ernst Announces Little Company of the Week, …


Sep 19, 2023
Ernst Announces Little Company of the Week, …

U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, the Ranking Member of the Senate Little Company Committee, has announced her Little Company of the Week, which is WW Homestead Dairy of Allamakee County. All through this Congress, Ernst plans to recognize a smaller company in every single of Iowa’s 99 counties. She is excited to recognize WW Homestead Dairy for their commitment to bringing organic, award-winning, and locally-developed dairy goods to Allamakee County and Northeastern Iowa. The Weighner and Walleser households, who are two Iowa farm households spanning 3 generations, have effectively constructed WW Homestead Dairy to advantage their neighborhood and showcase the very best of Iowa agriculture.

WW Homestead Dairy, also identified as the Cheese Curd Capital of Iowa, was established in 2011 by the Weighner and Walleser households. They joined forces to present their neighborhood with organic dairy goods. Their dairy farms and creamery create numerous farm-fresh foods, such as non-homogenized milk, more than 30 flavors of ice cream, butter, smaller-batch cottage cheese, block cheese, and their renowned cheese curds. These goods can be located in their retail retailer. On top of that, guests have the chance to tour the farm and creamery, witnessing the procedure of building these scrumptious goods. The families’ aim is to bridge the gap involving agriculture and customers. In addition, the group at WW Homestead Dairy provides back to the Waukon neighborhood by hosting public events and coordinating fundraisers to help regional schools.

Keep tuned for far more announcements from Ranking Member Ernst as she continues to recognize Iowa smaller firms across the state with her Little Company of the Week award.