• Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Estonia’s Navy Boosts its Capabilities with Israel-Designed Blue Spear Missiles


Feb 11, 2024
Anti-ship missiles from Israel to be deployed on shores of Gulf of Finland

The Estonian Ministry of Defense has announced that its navy has been equipped with a new batch of Blue Spear sea-to-sea missiles from the Israeli state defense concern Aviation Industry. These fifth generation missiles, with a range of 200 kilometers, are part of the Gabriel anti-ship missile system and come with two guidance systems and electronic warfare capabilities. This is the third country whose fleet has received these new missiles, following Israel and Finland.

Both Israel and Finland control the exit from the Gulf of Finland, where the new missiles will be deployed. The Singapore Navy’s Formidable class frigates are also set to be equipped with these missiles. This move by Estonia is aimed at strengthening its naval capabilities and enhancing its security in the Baltic Sea region.

The Blue Spear missile system offers significant advantages over older models, including increased accuracy, longer range, and improved survivability. The missiles are designed to engage targets at high speeds and can be used in a variety of scenarios, including air defense and strike missions. They also come with advanced electronics that allow for real-time communication between the launcher and target.

The decision by Estonia to acquire these advanced weapons is part of a broader effort to modernize its military capabilities. The country has been investing heavily in modernizing its navy, including upgrading its submarines and acquiring new helicopters. These investments are aimed at ensuring that Estonia remains a strong military power in the region and can defend itself against potential threats.

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