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Exploring Chattanooga’s Unique Shopping Experience: Local Dive Retail

Discover a World of Unique Items at Local Dive Retail on Cherokee Boulevard

Experience the Joy of Shopping at Local Dive Retail and Northshore Vintage Market

Shop for Mid-Century Furniture, Handmade Items and More at Local Dive Retail

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 4, 2024
Boosting Our Economy: The Impact of Local Dive Retail on Driving Growth

Looking for a unique shopping experience in Chattanooga? Look no further than Local Dive Retail, located on Cherokee Boulevard. This retail store offers a wide selection of mid-century furniture, retro housewares, clothes, shoes, and handmade items that are sure to impress.

One of the owners, Andie Bost, says that all items in the store are unique, affordable, and nothing collects dust. They also rent vendor booths to individuals who come in and set up their own items for sale. The customization options include framing, lighting, and everything is available for purchase.

Jack Tatum, another owner, adds that they have independent vendors selling clothes and restock new items a couple of times a month to keep customers interested. This setup allows them to make passive income while people shop in the store. Seeing customers delighted by the products brings joy to the owners.

In addition to being a standalone retail store, Local Dive Retail is also part of the Northshore vintage market. This market includes 25 vendors, food trucks, bands, a warehouse DJ, and a group of vendors coming together on the last Saturday of every month. The store is conveniently located at 607 Cherokee Boulevard and is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m on Monday through Friday and from 10 a.m

By Samantha Nguyen

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