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Farming Fresh: Hannah Neeleman’s Raw Milk Latte Goes Viral on Social Media

BySamantha Nguyen

May 25, 2024
New Study Suggests Raw Milk Drinkers at Risk for Bird Flu

In her farm in Utah, Hannah Neeleman enjoys a unique twist on a classic drink – a turmeric latte made with raw milk straight from the cow. Her young daughter often joins in on the fun, adding her own sip of raw milk to the cup. The video of Neeleman preparing her raw milk latte has gained immense popularity on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, Ballerina Farm, with 8 million views since its posting on May 11.

Across various social media platforms, individuals are sharing videos of themselves consuming raw milk, claiming it offers health benefits that are allegedly lost in pasteurized milk. Pasteurization involves heating milk to destroy potentially harmful pathogens. One influencer even goes so far as to squirt raw milk directly from the cow’s teat into his mouth, while another asserts that raw milk is “pure.” (Neeleman declined an interview request regarding her viral video.)

The debate over the consumption of raw milk continues to be a topic of interest among health-conscious individuals. Proponents argue that raw milk retains beneficial enzymes and nutrients that are lost during pasteurization, while opponents highlight the potential dangers of consuming unpasteurized dairy products. Despite differing opinions, raw milk enthusiasts like Neeleman are finding a growing audience on social media platforms.

By Samantha Nguyen

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