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From Hidden to Free: The Story of an Argentine’s Rescue from Hamas Hideout by Israeli Forces


Feb 13, 2024
Niece of Rescued Argentine from Hamas Describes Emotionally Overwhelming Hug

Fernando Simón Marman, an Argentine with Israeli citizenship, was rescued from a Hamas hideout by Israeli forces. Guefen Sigal Ilan, a young Israeli with Argentinian citizenship, is overjoyed that her uncle was one of the two Argentines rescued. Guefen feels that peace will come when all 134 hostages of the fundamentalist and terrorist group are freed.

In a telephone conversation with Clarín, Guefen shared her happiness at her uncle’s rescue. She also met with the head of the Argentine embassy in Tel Aviv, Francisco Tropepi, and with Ambassador Eyal Sela in Buenos Aires, expressing her hopes for the release of the remaining hostages.

Guefen was able to greet her uncle and Louis at the hospital in Tel Aviv, where rescued hostages are taken for check-ups and rehabilitation. She was happy to see them but also noted their physical changes after being held captive for four months.

Unfortunately, Fernando and Louis did not provide many details about their captivity, but Guefen expressed her gratitude to the Israeli National Security Service for their efforts in the rescue operation. She also mentioned that there are still 134 people waiting to be released and hopes for negotiations to bring about their freedom.

Guefen recounted that both Fernando and Louis were held captive along with her aunt, mother, and cousin, but they were separated from them when they were released. They did not see any other hostages during their captivity.

Guefen expressed her gratitude for the soldiers and the Israeli National Security Service for rescuing her uncle and Louis. She also acknowledged the sacrifices made by the soldiers in the operation and hopes for the safe return of the remaining hostages. Both Fernando and Louis are now freed but their rehabilitation is still difficult as they await

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