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‘Fujitsu Technologies and Service Vision 2023’: sustainability and business enterprise converge to resolve society’s challenges : Fujitsu International


May 26, 2023

Fujitsu Restricted

Tokyo, May perhaps 26, 2023

Fujitsu now published the “Fujitsu Technologies and Service Vision 2023,” outlining its outlook and bold proposals for the future of business enterprise and society. The report charts a course for companies to understand “sustainability transformation” via digital innovation, echoing and expanding upon a theme 1st introduced in final year’s Vision.

Troubles like climate transform, geopolitical tensions, and monetary industry turmoil pose ongoing challenges to companies as effectively as people’s livelihoods and effectively-getting. When quite a few seek to resolve these difficulties via a increasing commitment to sustainability, these options also present quite a few possibilities for new business enterprise. As the social and business enterprise advantages of shifting toward this new paradigm develop increasingly apparent, Fujitsu’s report highlights the urgent have to have for firms to transform to develop new worth for the atmosphere and society. The “Fujitsu Technologies and Service Vision 2023” delivers concrete suggestions on how to integrate sustainability and business enterprise, the influence of the evolution of technologies on business enterprise and society, and what actions firms need to take to guarantee a a lot more sustainable future for humanity.

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2023

‘Sustainability Transformation’: Exactly where business enterprise development and societal difficulties converge

Numerous of the greatest challenges facing the globe now are complexly interrelated, with developments emerging in particular regions usually bearing unforeseen consequences that can resonate all through the whole globe. To guarantee their survival, firms facing these realities have an undeniable have to have to commit to reaching sustainable development when giving worth to the atmosphere and society by lowering their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), power consumption, and waste. Fujitsu’s report recommends how to integrate the resolution of societal difficulties with the achievement of business enterprise objectives, illustrating in concrete terms the function technologies can play in reaching these ambitions. The report explores this with the following themes:

1. Sustainability = Company

When numerous external environments have a important influence on management, quite a few firms perceive the resolution of difficulties associated to sustainability as a business enterprise chance and think about the transformation of their business enterprise into a single that brings worth to the atmosphere and society as an crucial management challenge. Having said that, compared to digital transformation initiatives, which have currently progressed in quite a few companies, the notion of sustainability transformation, which is transformation to develop worth for the atmosphere and society, nevertheless remains in its infancy. Beneath these situations, leader firms which implement sustainability approaches and create benefits are advertising initiatives to integrate sustainability with business enterprise. Especially, they are creating a cycle in which their efforts to develop environmental and social worth resonate with persons and develop monetary worth such as enhanced sales and profitability.

Value Creation Cycle of Sustainability = Business ModelWorth Creation Cycle of Sustainability = Company Model

two. Technologies vision

Digital innovation plays an crucial function in enabling corporate sustainability transformation. In the context of digital-driven sustainability transformation, around 80% of sustainability leaders see the 5 locations of automation, practical experience, innovation, resilience, and trust as vital. Fujitsu is focusing its sources on R&ampD of 5 essential technologies (AI, networking, computing, converging technologies, information &amp safety) and operating to understand technologies innovation in each and every region.

(1) Automation: Collaborate with trusted AI to increase creativity and efficiency

(two) Practical experience: Integrate network with AI to increase network high quality and maximize prospective in a globe unrestrained by physical limitations

(three) Innovation: Computing and AI allow total innovation in the digital space

(four) Resilience: Redesign the future with human behavioral traits and converging technologies that combines various digital twins

(five) Trust: Connecting anything below safety with distributed trust technologies

three. Company transformation for a regenerative society

Fujitsu aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable, regenerative society in which the atmosphere, persons, and the economy are interconnected in alignment with its goal: “Make the globe a lot more sustainable by creating trust in society via innovation.” As a companion in sustainability transformation, Fujitsu will function with shoppers to resolve environmental complications, increase people’s effectively-getting, and transform business enterprise toward the realization of sustainable financial development, with Fujitsu Uvance playing a central function in realizing a sustainable globe.

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Fujitsu’s goal is to make the globe a lot more sustainable by creating trust in society via innovation. As the digital transformation companion of decision for shoppers in more than one hundred nations, our 124,000 workers function to resolve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Our variety of solutions and options draw on 5 essential technologies: Computing, Networks, AI, Information &amp Safety, and Converging Technologies, which we bring collectively to provide sustainability transformation. Fujitsu Restricted (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of three.7 trillion yen (US$28 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023 and remains the leading digital solutions enterprise in Japan by industry share. Uncover out a lot more: www.fujitsu.com.

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