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Gargantuan Onion Aims to Set a New Globe Record


Sep 18, 2023
Gargantuan Onion Aims to Set a New Globe Record

Gareth Griffin from Guernsey is believed to have broken the globe record for the biggest onion, weighing in at eight.9kg (19.7lb) and measuring 21 inches in height. Soon after 12 years of attempting to break the record, Griffin succeeded with his giant onion grown in a polytunnel at his dwelling in La Villiaze. He applied added lighting and automatic irrigation to facilitate its development.

At the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, Griffin’s onion surpassed the earlier record of eight.4kg (18.68lb). On the other hand, the official verification by Guinness Globe Records is nonetheless pending. Griffin’s interest in expanding giant onions started right after witnessing his father’s good results. He became completely invested in the hobby right after attending the globe championships 12 years ago. Though he fell just brief of the record in 2014, he persisted in his efforts and lastly accomplished good results this year.

Griffin credits his good results to numerous tactics, like utilizing the suitable seeds and supplying the onions with optimal care. This involved supplying them with 24-hour lighting for many weeks and an automatic irrigation method in the polytunnel, enabling Griffin to go on vacations without the need of worrying about their upkeep. Transporting the giant onion to the mainland was not without the need of its challenges, as Griffin had to meticulously transport it in his motorhome, guaranteeing it remained cushioned and in his line of sight at all instances.

Even though the giant onion is completely edible, Griffin described that its taste is anticipated to be mild. On the other hand, its seeds are predicted to have great possible. The Guinness Book of Globe Records has received the important data to approach Griffin’s record-breaking achievement, and confirmation is at present pending. The large media interest in Griffin’s giant onion speaks to the novelty and fascination surrounding such outstanding gardening accomplishments.