• Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Germany: Israel’s Strong and Steadfast Ally in Europe


Nov 20, 2023

Germany and the German Bundestag reaffirmed their support for Israel on October 12th by stating that they will remain steadfast in their commitment to the country, even if it takes longer. The President of the German Bundestag, Barbel Bass, emphasized this point during her speech, highlighting the country’s unwavering dedication to Israel.

In response to this announcement, the United Nations voted in favor of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza on October 31st, with 120 countries supporting the decision. While Germany abstained from voting, it did not condone or condemn Hamas’ actions. Instead, Israel’s ambassador to Germany expressed disappointment at this decision and called for greater support in monitoring funds to ensure they do not go towards terrorist organizations.

Furthermore, major football clubs in Germany such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund took action by hosting families of abductees and expressing their support for Israel. The newspaper “Bild” also projected images of the abductees on its main building as a show of solidarity with Israel. The German media was praised for its fair coverage compared to other international media outlets.

The support for Israel extended beyond these sectors as well, with various groups and individuals publicly showing their solidarity with the country through demonstrations and other means. Overall, it is clear that Germany remains committed to supporting Israel through both political and tangible actions.

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