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Google integrates Gemini into Android, Workspace, and Search

BySamantha Nguyen

May 15, 2024
Google integrates Gemini into Android, Workspace, and Search

Google recently unveiled the new features introduced by Gemini’s artificial intelligence (AI) in its Android operating system. The AI serves as an assistant in both the OS and various Google services, aiming to enhance productivity and deliver more precise search results.

Google views Android, its mobile operating system, as the ideal platform to test the capabilities of artificial intelligence. At the annual Google IO developer event, the company showcased how AI is integrated into the core of the OS. One example is the ‘Circle to Search’ feature, allowing users to search for items by simply surrounding or touching them on the screen. This feature is currently available on over 100 million Samsung Pixel and Galaxy devices, with plans to expand to 200 million by year-end.

The ‘Crowd to Search’ feature now includes new capabilities like assisting students in solving math or physics problems. It will eventually support more complex problems such as algebraic calculations, diagrams, and graphs.

Gemini on Android also offers an advanced assistant accessible from various applications. Users can ask for specific information about videos or PDF documents, with the latter available through the Gemini Advanced subscription. New features like the Gemini Nano model run locally on devices to ensure privacy by not sending data to external servers.

Nano will soon include multimodal functions on Pixel phones to process text input, contextual information from images, sound, and spoken language. These enhancements will benefit tools like Talkback for visually impaired users and a new cybersecurity feature for scam detection.

In addition to Android, Google is integrating Gemini into Workspace to power intelligent features in services like Gmail, Drive, and Docs. The Gemini 1.5 Pro model is being rolled out to more users to enable conversational interactions with AI to reason and understand longer texts.

New features in Gmail include an email summary summary tool, Contextual Smart Replay for nuanced responses, and Gmail Q&A for specific queries. Support for Spanish and Portuguese has been added to the ‘Help me write’ tool in Gmail and Docs.

Google Photos also introduces Gemini through the experimental ‘Ask Photos’ feature, enabling users to directly ask for images instead of searching by keywords. Search, Google’s flagship service, integrates generative AI for AI Overview summaries and Multi-Step Reasoning for complex queries.

AI can now plan meal schedules, provide shopping lists, and suggest relevant information through interactive searches. Gemini inspires users with result pages for searches about restaurants, recipes, movies, songs, books, hotels, and shopping. The Video Question feature allows users to ask questions aloud while using the phone’s camera for visual answers.

By Samantha Nguyen

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