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Guinea’s Bauxite Boom: China’s Vulnerable Dependence on a Single Supplier

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 28, 2024
Top Aluminum Producer in the World Faces Supply Risk of Raw Materials from Guinea

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Guinea is becoming an increasingly crucial supplier for China’s bauxite needs. The country has surpassed Australia and Indonesia as the largest bauxite exporter in the 2010s, with most of its bauxite being shipped to China. Here, it is processed into alumina and aluminum metal. With China’s own bauxite production declining and Indonesia reducing exports, Guinea is emerging as a critical supplier for China.

However, Aluminum Corp. of China Ltd. (Chalco) has expressed concerns about the risks to its bauxite supplies from Guinea. The company heavily relies on the country for 70% of its bauxite imports last year. This dependence puts Chalco at a vulnerable position as any disruptions in supply from Guinea can have a significant impact on its operations.

To mitigate these risks, Chalco plans to ensure supply continuity from its single mine in Guinea while also exploring opportunities to develop additional mines in the country’s north. Additionally, the company aims to collaborate on bauxite projects in other regions and enhance domestic supplies. Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Michelle Leung warns that China may eventually rely on Guinea for 90% of its bauxite imports and suggests that Guinea could follow Indonesia’s lead by requiring foreign companies to establish refineries locally.

Despite Chalco’s net income rising 60% last year, the company remains cautious due to uncertain global economic conditions and geopolitical risks impacting commodity markets. Challenges such as insufficient demand and weak expectations persist in the domestic market setting.

In conclusion, while Chalco recognizes the importance of diversifying its sources of raw materials, it still heavily relies on Guinea for its bauxite supplies. The company plans to mitigate these risks by ensuring supply continuity from its single mine in Guinea while exploring opportunities for additional mines in the country’s north and collaborating on bauxite projects in other regions. However, uncertainty around global economic conditions and geopolitical risks impacting commodity markets means that Chalco remains cautious about relying too heavily on any one source of raw materials.

By Samantha Nguyen

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