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Harvard Wellness: The Truth about Bones


Sep 19, 2023
Harvard Wellness: The Truth about Bones

Osteoporosis is frequently connected with girls, but males are also at threat of establishing this bone-weakening illness. Around six% of males aged 65 and older have osteoporosis, and one particular in 5 males in this age group will expertise a bone fracture as a outcome. Surprisingly, research have shown that males are much more most likely to die following a fracture due to osteoporosis compared to girls. It is important for males to spend focus to their bone overall health as they age, as it is just as crucial as other elements of their all round overall health. Dr. Harold Rosen, an endocrinologist at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Healthcare Center, emphasizes the require for males to take measures to preserve their bones sturdy and stop or slow down the progression of osteoporosis.

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