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Health Department Honors Trans Day of Remembrance: A Message from the Public Health Department


Nov 20, 2023

In Philadelphia, the Department of Public Health issued a statement to honor Transgender Day of Remembrance. Dr. Kathleen Brady, Director of the Division of HIV Health, spoke about the tragedy that has befallen at least 26 transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in the city whose lives were cut short through violent means in 2023.

Dr. Brady emphasized that it is imperative to recognize and reflect on this day solemnly, as it underscores the urgent need for greater awareness, understanding, and action to address the ongoing threats faced by the trans community. The statistics reveal that 88% of these victims were people of color, with 54% identified as Black transgender women. This alarming trend highlights the critical importance of fostering safe and supportive environments within interpersonal relationships.

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health also addressed the issue of gun violence and its impact on transgender individuals. 73% of the victims lost their lives due to gun violence, which calls for comprehensive measures to curb firearm proliferation. It is equally concerning that 47% of victims with a known assailant were killed by a romantic/sexual partner, friend or family member, highlighting the need for more support within intimate relationships.

Another issue highlighted is misgendering or deadnaming by authorities or media outlets which further exacerbates pain experienced by trans community and their loved ones. Dr. Brady urged everyone to work collectively towards rectifying this injustice and ensuring that every individual deserves dignity and respect regardless of their gender identity.

In conclusion, Transgender Day of Remembrance serves as a reminder to renew our commitment towards advocating for the rights, safety and well-being of transgender individuals in Philadelphia. We must strive for a world where everyone can live free from discrimination, violence, and prejudice. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health remains steadfast in its dedication towards fostering a community that embraces diversity inclusivity and compassionate care for all citizens joining this crucial endeavor together will make a significant difference in achieving this goal

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