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Health Insurers Plummet Over 12% as Medicare Advantage Payments Released; Concerns Raised About Future of Market

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
US Health Insurance Companies Decline as Final Medicare Payment Rates Fall Below Projections

The final 2025 rates for Medicare Advantage payments released by the government on Tuesday caused shares of U.S. health insurers to plummet between 6% and 12%. The news of a decline of just 0.2% in average payments, which remained unchanged from the proposed rates in January, raised concerns about margin squeezes for insurers already grappling with high medical costs and insurance claims processing issues resulting from the aftermath of a hack at UnitedHealth’s tech unit.

Humana, a Medicare-focused insurer, suffered the most significant drop, falling over 12% to its lowest point in nearly four years. UnitedHealth and CVS Health also experienced declines of 6.6% and 7.7%, respectively, in early trading. These losses had a ripple effect on the blue-chip Dow index and benchmark S&P 500 in morning trading.

The unfavorable rate updates, combined with potential challenges in claims development due to the cyberattack, have raised concerns about the future of the Medicare Advantage market. The final notice published by CMS indicated that there was no notable increase in demand for medical care during the fourth quarter of 2023, contrary to statements from insurers like Humana and UnitedHealth. This proposal plays a crucial role in determining insurers’ premium rates, plan benefits, and overall profitability. High costs and low rates may compel insurers to reduce benefits offered to consumers potentially diminishing their value.

This development highlights how crucial it is for investors to keep an eye on regulatory changes affecting healthcare companies’ operations.

By Samantha Nguyen

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