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Heroic Father Saves Child from Dog Attack, Suffers Injuries in Process


Nov 20, 2023

A brave employee of the Dubrava Clinical Hospital in Zagreb saved a child from a dog attack on Saturday afternoon. The man, who is yet unidentified, was on Bernarda Vukas Street when he saw the child being attacked by a rabid dog. Without hesitation, he sprang into action and used his bare hands to pull the dog away from the child, resulting in severe physical injuries to both his hands.

The incident left everyone stunned as the woman with the dog and the child fled the scene after the attack. The man was rushed to KB Dubrava for emergency surgery, where he underwent surgery for tendon and cartilage injuries. It remains uncertain how long his recovery will take.

The hospital confirmed that their employee is recovering well and expressed their gratitude towards him for his bravery in saving the child’s life. They hope that he will make a quick recovery so that he can return to work soon and continue serving those in need. The hospital also expressed their disappointment towards the owner of the dog, who walked away without taking any responsibility for their pet’s actions.

A criminal investigation has been launched into this incident, and authorities are working to identify and apprehend those responsible for this horrific act of violence against innocent people.

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